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Office of Geriatrics and Interprofessional Aging Studies

Office of Geriatrics and
Interprofessional Aging Studies

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Purposeful Learning Beyond 50 Conference

Through the sharing of "best practices" learn how some of Ohio's institutions are attracting, recruiting, serving and enrolling adults over 50 in a variety of learning opportunities for enriched lives.  The conference is designed for deans, faculty, student advisors/counselors, social service professionals, community aging representatives, and anyone who is interested in and inteacts with adults over the age of 50. The conference will take place on Wednesday, August 11, 2010, on The Ohio State University Marion Campus, 1465 Mount Vernon Avenue, Marion, Ohio.  Registration begins at 9:00 AM and the program is 10:00 AM - 3:30 PM.  The day will include interactive sessions, recent research findings, successful practices, program models, networking, and luncheon speaker.  Conference fee of $15.00 includes lunch.  Register by calling Penny Lovett at 614-481-3511 or e-mail at lovett@ohioaging.orgView the conference flyer and registration form. The conference is sponsored by the Ohio Senior Civic Engagement Council, Lifelong Learning Committee of the Ohio Department of Aging, OSU Marion, the Ohio Board of Regents, and the Ohio Association of Gerontology and Education (OAGE).

Cognitive Health and Lifestyle Interventions Study

The Ohio State University Department of Psychology is beginning a study to look at the effects of different lifestyle interventions on cognitive and brain plasticity of healthy older adults. Ruchika Prakash, Maryanna Klatt and William Malarkey are investigators conducting this study. The study will involve 40 male and female participants in the age range of 60-75 and will examine how a 12-week intervention on alternative lifestyle factors such as meditation and exercise will influence abilities of attention, memory and brain functioning. Enrollees will attend class sessions each Thursday from 5:30-6:30 PM on the OSU Campus.  To assess cognitive and brain functioning, all participants will go through a two hour behavioral testing session and a 20 minute MRI session, before and after the intervention. Participants will be compensated for parking and up to $100 for their participation in the study. They will also receive a free intervention as part of the study. The study is recruiting participants through the second week of August, 2010. Please e-mail or call 614-292-9568 to inquire more about the study.

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