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Office of Geriatrics and Interprofessional Aging Studies

Office of Geriatrics and
Interprofessional Aging Studies

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Volunteers Needed for Aging Research Study

ExcersicingThe Ohio State University School of Physical Activity and Educational Services and the Department of Human Nutrition are seeking up to 100 male and female volunteers age 60-85, to participate in a 10-week study on a nutrition supplement and its effects on lean body mass changes. Steven Devor, Ph.D. from PAES and Robert DiSilvestro, Ph.D, from Human Nutrition are investigators conducting this study.

With age, body mass declines.  This loss, called sarcopenia, can be evidenced in appearance but can also produce declines in various body functions and greatly influence quality of life.  This study will determine the effects of exercise on lean body mass while receiving food ingredients in supplemental form. Participants need to be free of major health problems, currently doing weight training, have lean body mass measured, provide two small blood samples, and take a supplement powder for 10 weeks.  Participants will be randomly assigned a nutritional supplement (including a placebo) and a specific exercise program. Eligible participants will receive compensation of up to $250 for full participation.

For questions about the study, please call 614-348-9375 or e-mail

Please feel free to pass this announcement along to others you feel might be interested in this opportunity.

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