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2009 OAGE Conference Planned for March 27

The Ohio Association of Gerontology and Education (OAGE) 33rd Annual Ohio Professional and Student Conference on Aging will take place on March 27, 2009 at the Miami University Shriver Center in Oxford, Ohio. Students, educators, researchers, practitioners and planners are encouraged to participate. This year's conference theme is Gerontology: Past, Present and Future. The Conference is large enough to encompass all the disciplines that make contributions to the study of aging, but intimate enough to allow one-on-one discussions. Continuing education will be available for social workers, nurses, and nursing home administrators. The Call for Papers will be out soon and OSU students and faculty have been active participants in previous conference years.  Don’t miss the 2009 opportunity to participate!!  Your OSU contact is Dr. Margaret Teaford, e-mail: Visit  the OAGE web site to learn more about the Association and receive updates regarding the Conference.

Congratulations to Recent Graduates who Achieved the Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Aging!

Deciding to pursue the Specialization in Aging demonstrates not only a commitment to older adults but also a commitment to additional time and energy devoted to a student’s graduate or professional educational pursuits while at Ohio State. Students who accomplish the requirements are to be commended for their dedication. Please join us in congratulating those who completed the Specialization in Aging during 2007/2008: Denise Allman Crews, Social Work; Rachel Annable, Social Work; Kristen Burgess, Nursing; Martha Crook, EducPAES; Martha Davidson, Pharmacy; Danny Drotos, Social Work; Amy Elliot, Management and Public Policy; Amanda Harlow, Nursing; Roberta Havel, Social Work; Kaho Ichihashi, Social Work; Carrie Keib, Nursing; Shawn King, Social Work; Nora Nees, Social Work; Sarah Reimer, Psychology; Karrol Walters, Social Work; and Seojin Won, Social Work.

Dr. Douglas Crews Active in Aging Research and Teaching

Dr. Douglas Crews, Professor of Anthropology and Public Health, teaches courses in aging and serves on the Coordinating Committee for the Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Aging, along with his involvement in a number of aging research grants that include:
  • Assessing Stress, Frailty, and Health to Unravel Senescence, Aging and Disease, funded February 1, 2007 by the Slovenian Research Agency.
  • Biophysical Stress and Frailty Among Aging Japanese on Oshima Island, funded by the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, Inc., June 1, 2008.
  • Senescent Biology, Age-Related Disease and the Evolutionary Biodemography of Human Longevity, Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, Inc., funded June, 2007.
The above grant provided the basic funding for a conference on evolutionary and senescent biology to be held at OSU during early Spring quarter 2009.  The organizers are interested in additional sponsors.  Please contact Dr. Crews at for more information.

OSU Medical Student Wins Ohio Department of Aging Award

The Ohio Department of Aging recently presented its 2008 Geriatric Medicine Awards to seven recent graduates from Ohio medical colleges and universities. Christopher Mitchell received this honor as a recent OSU medical school graduate. Christopher is entering a career in Emergency Medicine and recognizes that “many diseases present differently in elderly patients and it is not always easy to see these diverse presentations for the first time in a busy and stressful Emergency Department.  I learned quite a lot during my geriatrics rotation, which I knew would not be addressed during my residency training.” “Each year, only about 230 new geriatricians are certified nationwide, at a time when our older population is exploding...,” said Barbara E. Riley, director of the department.  “It is a priority for the Department of Aging to recognize and thank professionals who have chosen this field over more lucrative and attractive specialties.

SAGE Program is Another Aging Education Opportunity for Students--The Convenience of Distance Education

The SAGE Program (Series In Applied Gerontology Education) is a three-course distance learning program in aging. Throughout the series of internet-based courses, special attention is devoted to issues of social, cultural, and ethnic diversity. All students successfully completing SAGE receive a Certificate of Completion in Gerontology from The Ohio State University. SAGE is appropriate for students wishing to serve the older adult population as administrators, regulators, policy makers, direct service providers, program evaluators, and others caring for our aging population. Internet-based courses allow students the flexibility of learning "where and when it's convenient," accommodating busy professional and personal lifestyles. For more information travel to or contact Linda Mauger at or 293-8031.

Calling All Aging Researchers and Educators!

Ohio State is a large university with experts from many disciplines making important discoveries every day and teaching students in multiple disciplines and venues throughout the year. By the same token, aging is a multidisciplinary endeavor that requires collaborations across colleges and departments to provide the most robust educational experiences.  The Office of Geriatrics and Gerontology wants to hear from you if you are involved in aging education or research. We would like to build a data base that would be continually updated with new and ongoing research activities and educational programming.  This information would be used to connect researchers and students who share interests to foster collaborations across the many disciplines of aging. Please contact Linda Mauger at to share your thoughts and opportunities. There’s strength in numbers.  We want to hear from you if you are involved in aging research and/or education!

Dr. Catherine Lucey Serves as Interim Director of Office of Geriatrics and Gerontology

Dr. Catherine Lucey, Vice Dean for Medical Education, was appointed as Interim Director for the Office of Geriatrics and Gerontology in February 2008. Dr. Lucey brings her expertise in geriatrics and medical education to this position and is enthusiastic about the possibilities for building strong collaborations with interested parties across the entire OSU campus to enhance aging education. Dr. Lucey said, “I look forward to building a community of people interested in moving the science of gerontology forward.  There’s a wide network of experts at OSU with a broad spectrum of interests in the various aspects of aging education, research and clinical services. Together, we can make a difference on many, many levels.” This newsletter is one step toward building these collaborations, and we look forward to our readers responding to opportunities or topics they find of interest.  You can expect to receive the newsletter periodically throughout the academic year. Additionally, if you have news about aging initiatives you would like to have included in the newsletter, please contact Linda Mauger at 293-8031 or

Our Aging Society


  • The 65+ population will increase from 35 million in 2000 to 55 million in 2020.
  • Those reaching age 65 can expect to live another 18.7 years.
  • Every 71 seconds, someone in America develops Alzheimer’s disease.

Introduce the Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Aging to Your Students Today!

Serving an aging population requires professionals from multiple disciplines working in teams to address the complex needs and interests of older adults. From healthcare to social services, to marketing and finance, aging education is a valuable asset to students across our campus. In your position as a College Dean, Student Advisor, or Faculty Member we ask you to make your students aware of The Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Aging. This is a university-wide program that provides graduate and professional students the opportunity to expand their knowledge, skills and attitudes to meet the needs of our nation’s growing older adult population. The required core curriculum, an integrated series of four courses, focuses on basic components of gerontology shared by many professions.  Students then choose from a wide range of elective courses to complete the 21 hour requirement. Successful completion of the Specialization in Aging is noted on students’ transcripts. Learn more about the Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Aging. In addition, student orientation presentations are available, as well as program fliers for distribution to interested students.  Just call 293-8031 or e-mail We need your help in making students aware of this important aging education opportunity.  Thanks in advance!

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