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S.A.G.E. Series Cycle Begins: Sign Up Today!

  Special Announcement: The Series in Applied Gerontology Education (S.A.G.E.) cycle begins again in Spring 2013!  The S.A.G.E. Series is a three-course distance learning program offered through The Ohio State University Office of Geriatrics and Gerontology.  This course provides continuing education and training in the field of aging, devoting special attention to issues of social, cultural, and ethnic diversity. All participants successfully completing the program receive a certificate of completion in gerontology from The Ohio State University. The S.A.G.E Series is designed for professionals working in the field of aging who need additional discipline-specific training, individuals who provide services for older adults, and those wanting to pursue a career serving older adults who do not wish to or cannot return to graduate school; administrators, regulators, policy makers, direct service providers, program evaluators, and others caring for our aging population. For more information about the S.A.G.E. Series, and to register for the Spring 2013 course, go to  You may also contact Linda Mauger at or 614-293-8031 or Michelle Myers at or 614-685-5672 for additional information. Of course, feel free to pass this announcement along to your colleagues who have an interest in aging education!

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