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Office of Geriatrics and Interprofessional Aging Studies

Office of Geriatrics and
Interprofessional Aging Studies

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As you already know, our population across the globe is aging.  Here are a few highlights about the aging population that illustrate why all of us should increase our knowledge about the older population, especially if you are a caretaker of older adults:

  • The average life expectancy for persons 65+ is 84.3 years old.
  • More than 20% of persons 65+ are minorities.
  • Almost half of older women (46%) age 75+ live alone.
  • Over 535,000 grandparents 65+ are primary caretakers for their grandchildren.
  • A major source of income for older adults (86%) is Social Security.
  • Over 4.2 million (9.5%) of older adults live below the poverty level. 

And the number one reason to learn more about caring for the aging population is . . .

The population 65 and older in the U.S. has increased from 35.9 million in 2003 to 44.7 million in 2013 (a 24.7% increase) and is projected to more than double to 98 million in 2060.

Source:Administration on Aging

The Ohio State University Office of Geriatrics and Gerontology offers many online distance education programs to help you increase your knowledge about the aging population and become better prepared to serve this growing population.  One such online distance education learning opportunity is the OSU S.A.G.E. Series program.  In fact, the next course in the Series, "Case Studies in Clinical Gerontology," is starting soon, and there is still time to register!  Students who have taken this course say it is their favorite in the 3-series OSU S.A.G.E. Series!  Furthermore, a majority of students taking this course say they have used the course resources in their current job, and feel that they are now better able to pursue professional advancement in the field of aging.

We hope you take advantage of the online distance education opportunities offered by our Office of Geriatrics and Gerontology and move towards improving your knowledge about the aging population!

For more information, e-mail Michelle Myers or call her at 614-685-5672.

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